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iPad 2 Anti-Glare Tablet Screen Protector

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Stock Number: 08574


This Screen Protector is specially shaped to fit the iPad2 and new iPad devices.  It provides anti-glare protection to help reduce the glare from sunlight or other bright light sources. The Screen Protector also has a bubble-free design that will smooth out any air pockets left from installation over time.


General Specification:

Stock # 08574



·         Silicon based adhesive with static clinging feature.

·         Easy to apply and bubble-free. No residue after the screen protector is removed, and it is reusable.

·         Flexible, durable, and no yellowing adhesive.

·         3H hard coat treated surface


Technical Specifications

PET substrate thickness (μm):100±3

Hard coat thickness: 4±1

Silicon adhesive thickness:35±2


  • Unit Weight : 2.4oz
  • Unit Dimensions (inch): 11.811”x 7.716” x 1.181”

  • Case Weight: 18.1lbs
  • Case Dimensions (inch):
        19.606” x 12.598” x 8.858”
  • Case Quantity:100PCS
  • Measurement: 1.2cuft

    UPC Code: 012405085742

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