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Height Adjustable Multi-Purpose Mobile Podium Lectern and Ergonomic Standing Desk Station

Price: $149.99

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Stock Number: 05468
Manufacturer: ProHT

Sturdy base keeps steady mobility and prevents rollover.
E1 grade particle board panel features heavy-duty and moisture resistant.
Rotary knob lock ensures securely positioning of different height settings.
Manual lifting height adjustment allows easy transition from sitting to standing and promotes the most ergonomic, comfortable working posture.
Tilting desktop allows multiple angle requirements.
Ledge on the bottom holds papers in place from sliding for a solid work environment while tilted.

Desk Height Range:40.55~49.21 inches                    
Max. Load Capacity:40kg/88lbs                                          

Shipping Specification:
Product Dimension:23.62x16.77x40.55-49.21 inches
Product Weight:25.26lbs                                                      
Case Dimension:41.73 x 19.49 x 5.12 inches                                                            
Case Weight:29.45lbs                                        
UPC# 01245054687

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