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Wireless charger for Automobile Vent Mount

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Wireless charger for Automobile Vent Mount

General Specifications:

  • Stock #03270

Feature Description:

(What You Get)A smaller car charger/ mount, practicality by connecting to a vent for a strong hold. It also provides wireless charging for the compatible devices

(Compatible Devices)The wireless charging functionality provides the Qi enabled charging process, which is used in many renowned flagship phones.Samsung flagship and Phone flagship phones.

(Simple Installation)replaces the use of any wires and prevents any entanglements that may damage the phone, car, or driver.

(Fast Charging)By having an output of 9 volts and 1-1.2 Amperes, it provides charging at the same rate as the conventional wire charging capability.

(Case Friendly)The wireless car charger also supports the uses of cases, if they are less than 10 mm thick. NO METAL CASES


  • Power:10W
    Charging frequency: 110-205 KHz
    Charging distance: 3~10mm
    Conversion Rata: 73% Max

Shipping Specifications

  • Product Size: 2.76” x 2.76” x 3.35”

  • Carton Size: 2.64” x 2.87” x 4.80”

  • Product weight: 0.26 lbs.

  • Case Weight: 32lbs.

  • Case Dimensions: 16.53” x 16.53” x 19.69”

  • Case Quantity:60pcs

UPC # 01240503270

Limited One Year Warranty

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