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8 Outlet Surge Protector Block with 6 ft. Power Cord and LED Indicators

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Stock Number: 03405
SurgeGuard 3600J™ with 3600 Joules of protection provides excellent protection for computer equipment, home electronics, telephones and modems, etc. Five standard outlets fit most standard power cords, and three "wide spaced" outlets are ideal for power adapters and cords with larger ends; also includes phone / fax protection.

General Information:
•Part # 03405

•SurgeGuard 3600J outlet surge protector

General Specifications:
•6’ Power Cord (exposed) W/Regular Plug
•Sliding Safety Cover (Block)
•Light Combo Switch/Breaker
•12 x 20 MOVs. 3600 Joules
•330V Clamping Voltage
•LED Surge Indicator
•LED Ground Indicator
•1 x Phone/Fax Protection (1 in 2 out)
•w/o 6’ Phone Cord

Shipping Specifications:
• Case Quantity: 12
• Case Weight: 23.92 pounds
• Case Dimensions: 15.66" x 11.45" x 13.97"
• Case Cubic Feet: 3.28
• Unit Weight: 2 lbs 3 oz
• Unit Dimensions: 10"x 2.5" x 15.5"
• UPC:012405034054

Limited One Year Warranty
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