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Component PSP A/V Adapter

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General Specifications: •Part #88211 •Description: •PSP 2000/3000 COMPONENT AV CABLE Features: .This cable allows the PSP system to output images to a TV. For more information on its use, please refer to your PSP system Instruction Manual. .The PSP system outputs in the NTSC video format through this product. If a display is used which does not support the NTSC video format, no picture will be displayed. Check with the TV manufacturer for details. Cable length is 8.2feet. If your TV is not progressive scan compatible, game images will not be displayed. This product may not be able to display some images from non-game functions on a TV screen. For more details about compatibility, refer to the PSP user’s guide. Package Style and Parts Blister/back card /cartons Shipping Specifications •Unit Weight: 6.2oz •Unit Dimensions (inch): 9.25”x6.2”x2” Case Weight: 18.29 lbs •Case Dimensions (inch): 30” x 15” x 14” •Case Quantity: 50SETS Limited One Year Warranty
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