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Grey ProHT Ultrasonic Cleaner LCD with 750 mL. Capacity

Price: $49.99

Stock Number: 04103
Manufacturer: ProHT


  • The Operating principle of ProHT ultrasonic cleaner : Design with a transducer that generates ultrasound which can create millions of tiny air bubbles which collapse and create mini vacuums that suck off debris, make the cleaning as a brush cleaning but reaches places such as crevices and holes where a brush can't reach, and also avoids possible costly damages by physical brushing.
  • Perfect for jewellery, bracelet, eyeglasses, necklace, watches, Denture, baby pacifiers, Ring, CDs, DVDs,lenses and other optical parts, coins, utensils and more in minutes using just water.No extra cleaning solutions needed unless you’re looking for a super cleaning effect!
  • This ProHT ultrasonic cleaner provides you with 5 modes of cleaning (Range from 90, 180, 280, 380, & 480 seconds), allowing you to choose a light clean for fragile items like glasses, or a tough clean on encrusted jewellery. With the preset cleaning cycles, it will be more convenient and you can walk away and come back when the job is done and also prevent overuse and overheating from running too long.
  • With a delicate basket to keep your precious items sit in a protected space and the watch holder accessory allows for watches to be laid to their full length,exposing all the hard to reach nooks to be cleansed of gunk.
  • ETL,RoHs,GS Certified .Easy to operate ,quiet and portable. Note: Please let this cleaner cool down entirely between longer runs. It is NOT designed or built to be run continuously, cycle after cycle for hours on end.


    • Capacity: 26.0 oz/750 mL

    • Frequency:43 KHz

    • Wattage: 50 Watts

    • Color: White, Grey

    • Max line: 600ml                          

  • Power: 35W

    Can cleaning: jewelry,glass,watch, denture and so on.

  • Unit Dimensions: 8.11*6.89*5.79inch

  • Unit Weight: 1.87lbs

  • Unit Package Dimension: 9.73*8.15*7.99inch

  • Unit Package Weight: 2.29lbs

  • Case QTY: 6

  • Case Dimension: 20.394*17.244*16.929inch

  • Case Weight: 20.72lbs

  • Certificates: ETL

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