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Smartphone Screen Protector - iPhone 4/4S

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Apple iPhone screen protector

General Specifications:

  • Stock 08563

# Features:

  • - Apply to Apple iPhone 4 or 4s,

  • High transparency, prevent from scratch, dust and fingerprint

Operating Instruction:

  • Wipe the screen with the cleaning wipes first, the bubble will be caused if any dust or fleck attached on the screen

  • Tear off the mask from the sticker of step 1

  • Align and attach the screen protector slowly, do not attach it as a time to prevent more bubble

  • Remove the bubble by use the squeegee card

  • Tear off the mask from the sticker of step 2, then the procedure is completed

Shipping Specifications

  • Unit Weight : 0.0663LB (30g)

  • Unit Dimensions : 8.5”x4.65”x0.059”

  • Case Weight: 9.4798lb (4.3kgs)

  • Case Dimensions: 14.96x9.055x9.767”

  • Case Quantity:100pcs

  • Case measurement: 0.0357cbm (0.77cuft)

  • UPC # 012405085636

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