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ProHT CD-R 52x 700MB (50-pack)

Price: $19.99

Stock Number: 26011
Manufacturer: ProHT
CD-R 52x 700MB (50-pack)

CD recordable Disc is once written optical disc, the wavelength of the laser head is 780 nm, the highest supported speed is 52X, the maximum capacity of 700MB. Through CD-R burning driver beam down the dye layer, it forms pit and land which is light and shade for recording data. CD-R manufacturing technology: on a 1.2mm thick substrate with a groove, dye is coating in the groove, reflective layer is sputtering on the dye layer, outside the reflective layer also spin coating protection glue.

  • 50 high-grade non-rewritable CD-R discs with one hundred year archival life
  • Blazing drive speeds allow for 80 min files to record in less than 2 minutes
  • 700MB is ideal for storing digital images, music (including mp3s), video and more. (Each CD-R allows you to store up to 225 photos)
  • Certified Frustration-Free Packaging minimizes breakage, and reuseable spindle enables long-term, dust-free storage
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