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Nylon Lightweight Digital Camera Case

Price: From $4.99 to $9.99

A durable and light nylon camera case with soft lining and padding for extra protection made for small to mid-size compact cameras.

General Specifications:
Part # 02501

•Sturdy Nylon external material
•Soft inside material to prevent scratches to your camera
•Light weight and easy to carry
•Padded to keep your camera safe
•Stylish black and silver color System Compatibility
•Fits Compact and Mid size Camera

Package Style and Parts´╝Ü
•Black card

Shipping Specifications
•Unit Weight: 40grams
•Unit Dimensions: 3x2.3x4.3 inches
•Case Weight: 7.5kg
•Case Dimensions 45*37*39cm
•Case Quantity: 180
•UPC # 012405025014 BarCode (Inland Fill)

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