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12000 mAh Power Bank with Dual USB Charging Port for Smartphone

Price: $22.99

Stock Number: 03252
Manufacturer: ProHT
Manufacturer Part No: 03252

Product Model: 03252
Input: 5V/1A
Output :5V1A/2.1A
Capacity: li-ion battery 12000mAh
Charging time: 12-13 hours
Cycle life:> 500

Operating temperature: -10 degree to+45 degree
Dimensions: 3.03*5.94*0.86 inch
Unit  Weight : 0.74 lb   Package Weight: 0.83 lb
Packaging: 4.33*7.32*1.06 inches  
Carrying methods: on the travel bag, computer bag, or in the car
Power display: four LED lights to display power. Non-working status of the intelligent automatic shutdown

Applicable devices: all devices with USB charging, machine learning, such as tablet PCs, mobile phones, the PSP, IPOD, IPHONE, iPad, MP4, PMPs, GPS, Bluetooth, digital cameras and so on.

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