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Non-ContactClinical Forehead Infrared Thermometer FDA&CE Approved

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Stock Number: 89002
Manufacturer Part No: 89002

Product Description

  • Using the infra-red technology with a robust chip design, the device achieves highly accurate and fast readings from a one-time scan making it simpler for medics and even parents to use. Its shape, choice of colors and its amazingly light weight speaks of artistic genius and first class design capabilities.
  • It is versatile, made for anyone to easily take readings either in Celsius or Fahrenheit with a perfectly comfortable screen to take readings from. It is no wonder that this Digital thermometer is CE and FDA approved since it is trustworthy and has earned the accolades of professionals.
  • Moreover, only 30 MINUTES should be waited between two times temperature measurement in the same environment.

  • Good safety. Passive infrared receiving technology, without radiation. Non-contact measurement, preventing cross-infection. Applicable to all groups of people.
  • Easy operation.Handheld design, facilitating ergonomic operation.One-click automatic temperature measurement.
  • Quick response.1-second measurement, with zero waiting time.
  • High accuracy.Advanced infrared temperature sensor, with high sensitivity.Enhanced accuracy with automatic temperature calibration.

Diverse functions.
  • 20 temperature readings stored in memory
  • Forehead/Object temperature measurement
  • Automatic recording of the highest temperature during a scan
  • Fever alert, with the alert threshold configurable
  • Switching between ºC and ºF
  • Tunable temperature compensation
  • Switching between the Speaker/Silent Modes,Automatic power-off, saving power.

Package Contents
  • 1 Non-contact Infrared Thermometer
  • 1 Storage bag
  • 2 Dry-cell battery (AAA)
  • 1 instruction manual
More details for the measurement , please Read the directions carefully. Thank you!
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