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NexHT Fitness Vibration Platform Whole Body Shape Exercise Vibration Plate Crazy Fit Massage Workout Trainer w/Two Bands &Remote-Dual Motors White

Price: $369.99

Stock Number: 89013
Manufacturer: NexHT
Manufacturer Part No: 89013
    • Variants of Speed Range and Strong body shape Massage Vibration. Perfect for muscle toning, muscle building, weight loss & cellulite reduction.

    • Fitted with yoga straps to enhance its potential for improving the upper body and arms.

    • Dual Oscillating Motors(Motors Power:200W + 200W ),Three Vibration types: 1.Horizontal vibration, Up-down, Amplitude: 0-12mm, Frequency: 0Hz-30Hz; 2.Left-right Oscillation :Amplitude: 0-12mm, Frequency: 0-30Hz.3. 3D oscillation movements: Left-right & Up-down, more powerful and comfortable compare to the single motor.

    • Small compact size - can be used anywhere at home & easy to put away. Design with big LCD display, ensure clear reading and easy adjustment. Comes with Arm cords, Remote control ,Resistance Bands and Instruction manual.

    • High Safety and 100% Guarantee. Warranty for 1 Year.


    • Product Features

  • Platform and Workout Trainer. Use it as a step trainer or push-up top. It's perfect for sports training, accelerate weight loss and burn fat. Improve muscle strength, flexibility and circulation.

  • It allows you to tone your abdominal muscle ,thighs, buttocks, calves and more.

  • Remote Control & Resistance Bands. With Remote controller and two resistance bands, it is easy to control the speed and improve your workout sessions.

    Specifications and Comparison of NexHT Fitness Vibration Platform:                    89013A                  
    Color                       White                       
    Motor                       Dual motors         
    Power                       200W+200W              
    Voltage                    110V/50Hz              
    Amplitude                 1-12mm                
    Vibration Type          3D Oscillation Vibration          
    Speed Range              1-180levels              
    Dimension(inch)           31.5*18.1*5.3        
    Unit Weight(lbs)           39.6 lbs                  
    Max User Weight        330lbs                    

    Safety Considerations:

  • Recommended time is 10-20 minutes every time.

  • If you suffer from joint problems, have a hypertension, bronchitis, heart condition or skin disease, diabetes, or pregnancy, extreme obesity, middle ear infection, bone weaknesses,  osteoporosis,stomach illness,or use a pacemaker,or other diseases,  we recommend seeking medical advice before using this vibration trainer.

  • Study the functions and make sure you know how to operate the machine to avoid malfunction or injury.

  • Keep children away from this machine.

  • It is normal that some one may feel a little dizzy while using at the first time due to the Vibration  Oscillation of the manchine ,it will not happen again after using for a few time .

  • To avoid injury and impairment, stamping on the pad is forbidden.

  • Do not put your knees on the pad to prevent injury and impairment.

  • Do not put all your weight on one side

  • Do not touch the device with wet hands.

  • Only one person at a time may use the device. This product is for exercising only. Other uses are prohibited.


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