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Mini 3.5mm Lithium Battery Portable Speaker - White

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Stock Number: 88038


. Mini Portable Speaker

General Specifications:

  • Stock # 88038


  • Mini speaker for travelers with USB Li-ion battery applied on MP3, MP4, iPod, iPhone, Handset, Laptop, CD/DVD and the ideal companion for all multimedia devices

  • The dimension limit of sound boxes has been decreased to the minimum.

  • USB power cord with 3.5mm audio input plug

  • LED power indicator for power on and charging

  • Built in, rechargeable lithium battery each full charge can last for 9 hours

Technical Specifications

  • Output : 3W

  • Frequency Range: 150HZ-20KHz

  • Charging time : 3.5 hours

  • Music playing time : up to 9 hours

  • Rechargeable via standard USB output

  • Standard 3.5mm audio port allows to add more speakers as an option

Shipping Specifications

  • Unit Weight: 0.21 pounds

  • Unit Dimensions:1.75" H x 1.65" W     5.5" round
    Case Weight
    : 13.80 pounds

  • Case Dimensions : L15 x W11.1 x H9.9 inch

  • Case Quantity :50pcs

UPC # 012405880385

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