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3.5mm Basic Headphones - Black

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Stock Number: 87010
These lightweight headphones are ideal for home, or the work place. Whether listening to music or lectures these inexpensive and lightweight headsets are a great choice when choosing to listen quietly without your co-worker, friend, or family hearing what you are listening to.
General Information:

Part # 87010
Lightweight Headphones with Volume Control

Lightweight durable plastic
In-line volume control
3.5mm (miniature jack)
Compatible with all sound cards and portable music devices.

Shipping Specifications 

Unit Weight : 0.22 pounds

Unit Dimensions :
5.98 x 5.12 inch

Case Weight:
15.21 pounds

Case Dimensions (inch):
26.7 x 11.22 x 12.87 inch

Case Quantity: 50pcs
UPC: 012405870102

Limted One Year Warranty
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