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Flat Low-Noise PET Indoor HDTV Antenna for UHF with No Adapter

Price: $19.99

Stock Number: 05505


Indoor passive TV antenna. Simple structure, easy to install. The material of the panel is PET, which make the antenna lighter and slim. It can stick on the windows and walls with the provided suction cups and can receive many channels.

General Specifications:

  • Stock # 05005


Innovative flat, paper-thin antenna design.

High gain and low noise digital TV signal reception.

Easy installation

For UHF channels

Passive antenna without adapter

Can be stuck on the flat surface

Technical Specifications

Gain: 2dBi

Operation frequency: UHF 470-810MHz

Output Impedance: 75Ω

Standing Wave Ratio: 1.5

Shipping Specifications

  • Unit Weight: 0.18kg

  • Unit Dimensions: 32x10.9x2.8cm
    Case Weight:

  • Case Dimensions: 46.5x46x35.5cm

  • Case Quantity: 60sets

UPC # :012405055059

Limited One Year Warranty

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