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Portable HDTV Outdoor/Indoor Antenna for UHF/VHF/FM with Built-in Noise Amplifier

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State of the art HDTV Outdoor/Indoor Antenna. Compact design allows it to be used when camping or boating. Waterproof, anti-UV coated. 

General Specifications:

  • Stock # 05504


Green LED power-on indicator

SMD circuit technology design

Stylish and compact size design

Shielded for minimum interference

Built-in high gain and low noise amplifier

Portable for mobile use

Anti-UV coating and waterproof design for durability

Powered by DVT set-top box or included separate power adapter.

Specially Compatible with HDTV signal ( DVB-T, ISDB-T,DTMB,ATSC)and DAB/FM radios.

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Technical Specifications:

Frequency range:VHF:87.5-230Mhz; UHF:470-862MHz

Receiving range: FM/VHF/UHF


Max.Output level: 100dBµV


Connector: F connector

Noise figure:   3dB

Power supply: via AC/DC adapter(DC 12V/50mA) or via DTV set-top box(DC 5V/40mA)

Shipping Specifications

  • Unit Weight: 0.56kg

  • Unit Dimensions: 160*85*205mm

  • Case Weight: 6.1kg

  • Case Dimensions: 445*335*220mm

  • Case Quantity: 10 pcs

UPC # 012405055042

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