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Height Adjustable Multi-Purpose Mobile Podium Lectern and Ergonomic Standing Desk Station

Price: $149.99

Stock Number: 05468
Manufacturer: ProHT
Manufacturer Part No: 05468

●Sturdy base keeps steady mobility and prevents rollover.
●E1 grade particle board panel features heavy-duty and moisture resistant.
●Rotary knob lock ensures securely positioning of different height settings.
●Manual lifting height adjustment allows easy transition from sitting to standing and promotes the most ergonomic, comfortable working posture.
●Tilting desktop allows multiple angle requirements.
●Ledge on the bottom holds papers in place from sliding for a solid work environment while tilted.

Desk Height Range:40.55~49.21 inches                    
Max. Load Capacity:40kg/88lbs                                          

Shipping Specification:
Product Dimension:23.62x16.77x40.55-49.21 inches
Product Weight:25.26lbs                                                      
Case Dimension:41.73 x 19.49 x 5.12 inches                                                            
Case Weight:29.45lbs                                        

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