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Emergency Roadside Hazard LED Red Light

Price: $29.99

Stock Number: 03265
Manufacturer: ProHT

Description&Technical Specification:

1.High power LED lamp brightness,Light also can see at a distance,LED red light,flashing lights,smart and strong warning,the warning distance is greater than that of ordinary triangular warning signs.(the effective distance of 100 m)
2.Super long bench life:Section 9V alkaline battery can work more than eight hour;
3.Has a good dust waterproor performance;
4.Using a flexible:Can ues magnet function will product adsorption on any part of the boby,also available at the top of the suction cups,product any smooth surface adsorption on car parts
5.Which can be used as a car accident which can be used as a car accident,failure safety warning failure safety warning,can also be used as a LED lighting tools can also be used as a LED tools 

Key Selling point:
Widely used in car alarm,traffic safety,traffic accident,alarm system while the machine gets breakdown,at night or fog,environment such as traffic warning,can strengthen the safety warning function,restrain the crash on the highway,to reduce the number of traffic accidents.

1. Current350mA 
2.Voitage: DC9(Alkaline Battery)
3. TA: -20~+40
4.The number of  LED: Red 30pcs+White 30pcs
5.Super long bench life: Section 9v alkaline battery can work more than eight hours.

Unit Dimensions:7.01*1.40*7.28 inch

Unit Weight: 0.37 lbs

Unit Package Dimension:8.27*1.85*8.15 inch

Unit Package Weight:1.11 lbs

Case QTY: 20pcs

20 GP Qty(PCS):11500pcs

Warranty: 1 year

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