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Angelsounds Heartbeat Baby Monitor FDA&CE Approved

Price: $45.99

Stock Number: 89010
Manufacturer Part No: 89010

Product Description

  • Unborn Heartbeat Listener for Home Use.With Unborn Heartbeat Listener both mommy and daddy can hear sounds made by the unborn baby, movement sounds, hiccups and heartbeats.
  • Safety.NexHT is non-invasive device, easy to use and thanks to a new sound amplification module, it allows you to hear the unborn baby’s sounds in early stage of pregnancy. 
  • How to use.Very simple use! Just switch on and you are ready to go. Place on stomach (lubricating water gel is recommended), relax and enjoy your unborn baby music. 
  • When to use.NexHT has a 2nd generation sound sensor and improved amplification module allowing you to hear your unborn baby’s sound from the 14th week of pregnancy. 

  • Who can enjoy.NexHT has 2 audio ports allowing both mother & father to hear the heartbeat monitor simultaneously. A pc/tablet/smartphone recording option is available so you can listen with anyone, anytime & anywhere. 
What’s in the box .Baby Heart Beat Monitor Unit, Headphones, Recording cable,9v battery.User manual . 
  • echnical Support .We are very happy to serve and to answer any question you might have. 

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