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3 Pieces Luggage Sets 202428 ABS with Spinner, Expandable, Combination Lock- Gray

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Stock Number: 02672
Manufacturer: ProHT

Product Description:

Designed to provide travelers comfort, functionality, reliability, and peace of mind, this 3 pieces suitcase set features one 28inch expandable suitcase for consignment, one 24inch expandable suitcase for checking in and one 20inch suitcase(not expandable) suitable for carrying onto the plane. Constructed with lightweight durable ABS color master batch hard shell material, this luggage is durable, flexible and can absorb impact when under stress. Quiet airplane spinner wheels and an adjustable 3-level telescoping handle allow you to quickly maneuver in tight spaces and provide effortless movement. Unique hard-shell material not only protects your belongings, but also enhances overall durability. Hide any potential scratches or scuffs from your journeys with elegant embossed patterns. With the included 3- digit combination lock, you can also secure your valuables from thieves. Make packing clothes easy with the interior fully lined with multi-use organizational pockets.


Approx. Dimension: 14.6X 9 X 22.5 INCH , 24inch 16.5X 10.6 X 26.4 INCH, 28inch18.9X 12.2 X 30.3 INCH

Approx. Weight: Weight: 20inch 5.7lbs 24inch 7.8 lbs 28inch 10lbs 

PACKING:19.7X 13 X 30.7 INCH



Weight Capacity:

20inch: 33 lbs

24inch: 44 lbs

28inch: 55 lbs

1 set = 3 luggage pieces

Each set is shipped with the 28 inch luggage holding the smaller luggage pieces in order to conserve space for shipment.

All luggage pieces are sold together in 1 set and are not sold separately.

Instructions for Reset the Lock :

1. The lock is preset to 0-0-0.

2. Push the button on the broadside, while in this position, set each number to your preference.

3. Release the button and your combination is now set.

4. Take care when setting the numbers to not release the button while setting it.

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